Reporting comments and the risks of doing so

I don't make a point of quoting Guido Fawkes blog as I don't read it. I personally don't like the cult of the personality that seems to surround the blog or the fact that for so long he tried to hide his identity. I know its a very successful blog and congratulations should go to him for that.

However, if ever justification was needed as to why you shouldn't believe everything you read on blogs, particularly when reading comments to blogs, it comes from The Right Student who has been caught out by taking a quotation from a comment posted to Guido Fawkes blog which was later proven not to hold water.

Update : Interestingly this posting on "The Right Student" has been removed since late last night.


David B said...

Odd - the page you link too has vanished...

With you entirely on Guido .

Arnie said...

Nich, I am with you fully on this. As the other contributor to The Right Student I am absolutely staggered at the naivety required to make posting about an anon comment from Guido look like a good idea.

Especially on a topic like that.

Old Holborn said...

You don't read Guido?

I've read the Koran but I'm no Muslim

Norfolk Blogger said...

There are too many good blogs I don't have the time to read so I try not to wate my time with ones I dislike.

Benny said...

It was something I had heard from various sources, not just on Guido's site and I stated that it was a rumour and nothing was confirmed. As soon as I found out this was not the case, I removed it immediately. I do wish it had never been published.