Is there any Z list celebrity TV challenge that Lembit Opik won't do ?

Every time they announce a new celebrity challenge TV show my heart sinks knowing there is a good chance Lembit Opik will whore himself by appearing in the show. Thankfully he didn't appear in "I'm a Celebrity", but appearances on various TV shows from Celebrity Apprentice (which was a good show but left me feeling Lembit came out of it very badly) to Celebrity Mr and Mrs, and others along the way, as a Lib Dem, make my heart sink.

Lembit apparently feels he is unappreciated in the Lib Dems by the members as a whole and feels that some bloggers fail to give him credit for things he has done.

So should I give him credit for appearing in the latest celebrity feature "Team Ant versus Team Dec" on "Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway" ?

No, of course not. When he ought to be knocking on doors in his constituency, when he ought to be doing the work his is paid to do, instead he is appearing on a ITV1.

Credit where credit is due Lembit. Now go and do something I can give you credit for.


DARWEN REPORTER, Linda Preston said...

Lembit's unfortunately not got the features for TV. I kinda feel that I want to straighten his face. It's lop sided.

I expect he'll be wanting to be a chat show host next!

Caron said...

Don't knock him, Nich. He's had a hard time recently, and he's clearly gone through a spiritual rebirth of sorts as he's outlined in the Mail on Sunday over the past few weeks.

Clearly he's decided that being on Team Ant is the way to go. Might not be your's or my reaction, but leave the lad alone;-)

Oranjepan said...

I like Lembit precisely because he he looks like he's eating a banana length-wise. He's a thoughtful guy, but still I suspect he's done the typical thing of misevaluating the membership of the party as soley composed of flakey sandal-wearing flopsy-wopsies.

Tickle my belly and I might purr with pleasure, but if my stomach is grumbly I'm just as likely to snarl. The way this government is attacking my liberties no amount of antacids will becalm my ulcer, so a man in a position as influential as he is had better get his priorities straight if he wants to avoid my ire.

Lucy Fir said...

I expect that he was seen and will be remembered by far more of his constituents by appearing on Ant & Dec's show than he could have achieved spending the whole weekend door knocking.