Is someone who left University with a Third Class degree the person to go to for Maths advice

David Cameron, it seems, is slightly obsessed with female TV personalities. Not content with Kirsty Allsop (from Location, Location, Location) being involved of a Tory taskforce on housing, David Cameron has now put Carol Vorderman (is there anyone who grates more on my nerves than her ?) in charge of investigation maths teaching. Let's not forget, Carol Vorderman left university with a third class degree. Yes, it is a pass, but for a number of employers this is not actually good enough to get a job.

From what I have heard from David Cameron on GMTV this morning, what he is demanding that schools do is exactly what is already part of the new Numeracy Framework. It is a shame David Cameron seemingly hadn't bothered to read this document like all schools have !

So who will be next to head up a task force for the Tories ? Can you think of a female TV presenter who wants a job ?


Richard T said...

Hold you hard boy. You're a getting bitchy.

Praguetory said...

Are you trying to tell us that Carol isn't any good at maths?

Anonymous said...

I understand her degree is not even in maths. Is this true ?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Because Carol Vorderman is good at mental arithmetic it does not mean she is good at teaching maths.

I know a lot of darts players who are great at mental arithmetic but i wouldn't necessarily be asking Phil "The Power" Taylor to head up a group looking in to the teaching of maths.

Sue said...

Unfortunately, the Tories seem to be following in NuLabours footstep with using celebrities to gain favour and popularity.

It's a bad mistake.

A bit of professionalism is needed now!

If you are going to investigate anything, then surely the people to ask are the ones that work within that sphere?

ivan said...

Does it matter who it is? The fact that teaching of maths, and science, need a complete overhaul should be foremost in any government education outlook. There should be a return to selective education because not everyone are equal and I defy anyone to teach a class where the abilities range from genius level to non assessable and full fill the needs of each child.

Nathan said...

I can't think of a female TV presenter to look into maths, but I'll put forward my maths teacher from college. She was really good at teaching.

And anyway, as I keep telling everyone; intelligence has less to do with grades than you think.

Praguetory said...

"Because Carol Vorderman is good at mental arithmetic it does not mean she is good at teaching maths."

Interestingly, last night at a meeting of Birmingham Young Tories
I met a chap who had been taught a maths lesson by Carol - and said she was great. This is beside the point anyway. You don't need to be a great maths teacher to be able to identify improvements that can be made to maths teaching.

None of the last 10 or so health ministers had previous experience in the health sector, but I didn't see you unload like this on Alan Johnson when he became Health Secretary.

Louis said...

You're spot on about this NB. Her degree is actually in Engineering as well.

PragueTory, no mathematician takes Carol Vorderman seriously.

Duncan said...

Just to add further facts about Carol: her degree was in engineering, she went to Sidney Sussex College (my alma mater), she got a 3rd every year (which is why she didn't do the 4th year, which most engineers do) and I'm told she lived in Cloister Court in her 3rd year, though that could be wrong.

Is Carol a good choice to head a programme on maths teaching? Yes. Who would be a better choice? Any maths teacher. It's unusual that people become teachers with 3rds so if you took any maths teacher at random chances are a) they'd be better at maths than Carol and b) they'd have more knowledge and experience of maths teaching.