Are these the actions of the forces the Israeli apologists think use minimal force ?

The family of a British journalist shot dead by the Israeli Army in Gaza five years ago have received a £1.5 million payout from the Israeli government. The Israeli government, however, despite a full enquiry and even film of the event claim the Israeli soldier was NOT breaking the law.

Now remember, this is the same Israeli government who also claim their forces are acting within the law and within strict limits when the bomb and shot their way in to Gaza.

According to film footage shot at the time, Mr Miller, is seen waving a white flag as he steps from a building in Gaza. There is a shot and his colleague shouts: "We're British journalists."
There is then a second shot, which hits Mr Miller in the neck.

So just to be sure, remember that this IS the sort of behaviour the Israeli's accept from their armed forces and do NOT think is illegal.

And we are supposed to think this is minimal force ?

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