Why Zavvi were deliberately ripping off their customers in the run up to administration

It seems pretty clear now that Zavvi, the music and video game retailer that went in to administration in Christmas Eve knew for some time that they were about to go in to administration, but what seems incredible is that they were in the run up to this actively ripping off their customers in a very premeditated way.

Shockingly by deliberately going in to administration in Christmas Eve, many thousands of people who received gift cards for Christmas were never going to be able to use their gift cards, and with the administrators also refusing to issue refunds or exchange good (even faulty goods so I have been told) then they also duped on customers again knowing that people were bound to return goods in the days after Christmas.

This deliberate action by Zavvi shows that the people who ran this company really cared little for their customers. It might have been the collapse of Woolworths that led to Zavvi's collapse, but the management of Zavvi ensured through their actions than many thousands of people had their Christmas ruined. What utter scum.

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