Tesco's complete lack of respect

Another example HERE of Tesco and the way they manipulate (but stay within) the planning system to avoid scrutiny by the public.

In Stalham, a small North Norfolk town which hase effectively been closed by Tesco driving local businesses out of business (for example, bread was sold at lower prices in Stalham than would normally be the case until the local baker closed down, and then the prices in Tesco rose), they want to further expand their store, but submitted the application very carefully in order to avoid local parish and town councils holding meetings and knowing that much of the period for objections would be over the holiday period when people had other things on their mind.

Tesco constantly talk about working with local communities and showing respect for them, but on every occassion they simply take the piss out of the democratic process and seek to use loopholes, lies and innuendo in order to coerce the planning system.

I was able to see this at first hand when the applied to build a store in Fakenham when at a planning meeting and a town meeting their spokesman sought to rubbish statistics that failed to make Tesco's case, indeed they questions the validity of the surveys and the reports, but at the same time took some elements of the reports (but didn't credit them) in order to justify their store.

As a Tesco opponent I was advised by an anti Tesco group from Suffolk to shred any post I receive and take extra precautions about who might be calling me pretending to be a constituent as anti Tesco groups in other parts of the country had had people going through their bins and letters and phone calls from Tesco "front" groups claiming to represent local residents.

As I said at the planning meeting back in 2004 to the all those councillors at the meeting, "we might all like to think that our political opponents play fast and loose with the truth and we may question their methods, but just be jolly grateful that Tesco are not a political party for they are they use the very lowest methods and truth is really not a word they understand".


jailhouselawyer said...

I'm no lover of Tesco. I would use the Tesco Extra nearby out of convenience. But, it was alleged by the store manager that I was racist and I was banned. I now shop at Nissa run by Asian-looking chaps. Unlike at Tesco, I now get good customer service. I would not shed a tear if Tesco followed the example shown by Woolworths.

Stuey said...

Let's face it if they got away with the Stockport store debacle they know they are bullet proof

Every little 20% extra space than we were given permission for helps.

You know they are going to screw Everton if the Kirkby monstrousity goes ahead.