Still no Sir Bruce Forsyth ?

I am sure I am not alone in wondering why Bruce Forsyth was not awarded a Knighthood today for his services to comedy, TV and light entertainment ?

But well done to all those who did receive an honour today. Particularly to Chris Hoy who deservedly receives a Knighthood for winning four gold medals at two separate Olympics. I rather felt that Kelly Holmes was rather prematurely awarded her equal honour four years ago in some undue haste and potentially created a problem for future honours lists whereby anyone else receiving two gold medals might equally expect to be made a Knight or a Dame. Bradley Wiggins, a winner of three gold medals in two Olympic games might rightly feel a little put out that he has been treated unequally compared to Dame Kelly.

But I rather like the honours system. It does allow is to reward and revere those worth of our thanks and praise. Well done to all of them.

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