A Hollywood nightmare coming true

You've all seen the futuristic Hollywood films where private companies run the police force, personal data is owned by large corporations and governments are rendered impotent by multi national corporations who the government are beholden to.

Well apparently this is Labour's vision of the future for the UK.

Yes, at a time when the government are trying to convince us that more and more of a personal data should be stored by the government, and in the wake of a number of private contractors being responsible for the loss of large amounts of government data (and yes, I know that government departments have done this too but at least they are directly answerable to government ministers), the government want a private company to administer and make a profit from storing our private data.

Now this decision must, in effect, be because the government wants to save money. How does a company do something for less than the government ? By paying less to staff of course (although mangers will obviously earn more and get richer). Heard the old adage of "Pay peanuts, get monkeys". Well apparently the government wants monkeys to administer our personal data.

Of all the governments actions over wanting a giant database to record everything we do, this is possibly the most worrying aspect.

Welcome to a Hollywood nightmare vision.

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