Does Simon Cowell read this blog ? (I know, of course he doesn't)

I note Simon Cowell thanked all those people on his show last night who had written about the X Factor. I accept his thanks.

Last year I highlighted all the things that cast a great big shadow over Leon's victory over Rhydian. This year, all these things had been rectified leaving no doubt that no bias was shown to any one act over the other. It does make me wonder if someone had been reading what I have been writing.

As to the show itself, the best two acts got to the final two. The truly average Eggnogg, Egon, Endgame, Owen, however you spell his name, was never worthy of being in the final two, and Alexandra has a truly faultless voice.

I know there are a lot of X Factor snobs around, but this year, like the year they have found a real star capable of worldwide success.

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