Yet another South Norfolk Tory Councillor convicted

Conservative South Norfolk Councillor Jon Herbert has joined two of his council colleagues by being convicted of a criminal offence.

You can read all about the way this Tory Councillor treated Council staff HERE. The Tories campaigned hard in South Norfolk last time on the issue of crime. It seems odd that so many of their councillors have become criminals since being elected.

I note that the Tories are to consider his application to rejoin the Tory group at their next meeting. With the precendent the Tories set last time, we shouldn't be at all surprised to see him happily back amongst Tory ranks very soon, such is the Tories propensity to happily allow criminals back in their party.

As one South Norfolk resident who e-mailed me about this today said in his e-mail said "the Tory group will soon have to start turning up in shirts with arrows on them".


Paul Pinfield said...

He look like one of those "do as I say and not as I do" types...

connordcasey said...

I know this man Jon , he is not the man that these perfectic articles have made out,

Jonathon is very close to his animals, and would never intentionally hurt them or anything else.

Jon is a very cheerful man , with a great sense of humour.

( You cannot judge somebody until you know them properly )

Norfolk Blogger said...

The articles are not pathetic (or perfectic) if they report events truthfully.