The shameless bias of Fox News

Having just seen on ITV news that Barack Obama's grandmother had died, I thought I'd flick through the news channels on SKY to see what they were reporting.

SKY News : Lead Story - Obama's Grandmother dying 2nd Item - The candidates final day
BBC News : Lead Story - Obama's Grandmother dying 2nd Item - The candidates final day
ITV News : Lead Story - Obama's Grandmother dying 2nd Item - The candidates final day
CNN : Lead Story - Obama's Grandmother dying 2nd Item - The candidates final day

And from the internet
CBS News - Lead Story - Obama's Grandmother dying 2nd Item - Latest polls
NBC News - Lead Story - The candidates final day - 2nd Item - Obama's grandmother dying

And then there is FOX News, who report as their main story a republican press released of a Obama quote about Coal which has been taken out of context, with a ticker tape of Republican quotes along the bottom. There second story is excerpts from McCain and Palin speeches (not Obama or Biden), and a 3rd Story questioning Obama's tax plans.

Yes, good old Fox news, as biased as hell and ignoring the breaking stories.


Tony Sharp said...

So because Fox has chosen to report on a story of substance, that will affect millions of Americans, they are biased? Take the blinkers off, Nich.

Surely you should be asking why the other networks prefer to discuss the death of Obama's grandmother (absolutely nothing to do with anyone but her family) rather than something that will have a tangible impact on millions of families.

Norfolk Blogger said...

A story of substance ?

How on earth can a news station deliberately taking a quote out of context completely be a story of substance ?

Any other news service would be ashamed to report half truths and stories they know to be a lie.

Letters From A Tory said...

I keep thinking that something like Fox News would be a good idea in this country as TV stations should be allowed to broadcast whatever they want in the name of free speech.

That said, I would never ever ever ever watch Fox News myself.

Anonymous said...

Your own posting shows obvious bias.
Fox is known to be biased, not like the bbc which is not supposed to be biased but certainly is.
This is what you should RANT about.
On double standards your finance spokesman and bbc favourite Clegg lambasted Barclay's for obtaining Arab money and ownership, while remaining totally silent on Broons current ME journey to get Arab money for his wild spending spree to support his ambition to make us a third world country.

PaganPride said...

Give it up Tony - Nich has lost the plot!

Perhaps he'll retunr to human form after his great messiah gets elected.

branded said...

Shame on FOX, but who cares, they own the station. What did you expect anyway?
Any news is worthy news regardless!
They have to shore up their man, he is pretty down in the polls thanks to such lies and mud slinging.
Obama/Biden 08

Norfolk Blogger said...

I know I am biased, but I don't use the tag line that I am not. I cannot remember what Fox uses as its clever little tag line at the bottom of the screen, but it is something about being fair and unbiased. What utter drivel.

As for Obama being a Messiah. I fall very much in to the category of anyone but Palin. Had McCain chose a decent VP I might not be that bothered, but having Palin jsut a heartbeat away from the top job is like having Ahmedinijad in charge. A raving nutter. If McCain were younger and did not have a hostiry of illness, again I might not care, but I would ahve wanted ANYONE except Palin elected.

I wouldn't trust her to run my parish council.

Benjamin Gray said...

If everyone else is running with the same headlines, why shouldn't Fox run with something else? Surely that just contributes to a plurality of opinions.

2345 said...

Fox is at liberty to frontline as it chooses.

It makes a refreshing to change to witness 'two party' debate given labour unionists hold over British media outlets. It wastes millions of taxpayers' money monitoring online debate 24/7 - targetting 'opposers'.

2345 said...

norfolk blogger,

I find Palin a contradiction in terms; is she a 'home makin', cookie bakin' mom of 5 (including a time consuming special needs youngster) - or is she a huntin' shootin' political wannabe ?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Benjamin, the point was this was "breaking news", but only FOX sought not to cover it for fear of breaking in to their pro McCain coverage.

StuartR said...

Much as I detest Fox news, as representing the worst aspects of the right wing (and I consider myself right of centre overall), I honestly don't understand why Obama's grandmother dying warrants Lead Item status on every other channel.

Having said that Fox should be free to report whatever it likes and in some perverse sense deserves respect for refusing to subscribe to the orthodoxy.