Ros Scott's election - Good news for the party

I have to say as a non voter in the Lib Dem presidential elections (I was not sent a ballot paper), the result of the election is a good thing for the Lib Dems.

If Lembit had won, what would have been achieved ? More publicity for Lembit, but not another star name for the party. No, with the election of Ros, we get a brand new name for the party, another important visitor for target seats to get publicity from during elections, and for most activists, we get a president who is someone like us. Someone who knocks on doors on grotty rainy days when the cameras are not around, I know, I've door knocked with Ros in North Norfolk on more than one occasion and she is as good at it as anyone.

The result too is also very positive for the party. It tells any one of us that you don't have to be an MP to get elected to such a high position and it also tells us that one of the old adages about publicity is not true.

We are always told "all publicity is good publicity", I think in Lembit's case this has been shown not to be the case.

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