How not to do a minute's silence

I wasn't sure whether I should have posted this on my other blog or put it here, so I've compromised and put the same posting on both.

Yesterday at Carrow Road before the Norwich versus Preston match we were given an object lesson in how NOT to show proper respect for those who serve or have sered this country in our armed forces.

The announcer announced that we would be showing our respects, we all applauded as some servicemen came out along with some people form the British Legion, and then as we waited for the announcement of one minute's silence, instead we got 50 teenage girls wearing tiny short waving pom poms whilst the tannoy system played "Right Here - Right Now" by Fat Boy Slim.

Quiet how this was honouring our servicemen, quite how this showed respect was lost on me and all the other people standing around me who felt that it was a balls up of quite embarrassing proportions.

Well done NOT to Norwich City and all those who were involved in the planning of this balls up.

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