Norfolk Tories at war ... with themselves

The Eastern Daily Press has a report on the problems Norfolk County Council Tories seem to have when it comes to infighting. It appears to have come to such a head that leading Tories are being de-selected from their seats which they played a main role in winning from other parties because others within the Tory groups have some sway of the selections.

Shouldn't the Tories be more worried about running the council rather than fighting each other ?


bunnco said...

Err. Dan Cox has moved to a new area since winning the Wymondham seat in 2005 and is selected as candidate to represent the new area in 2009. Not really very shocking at all.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Err ... Did he re-apply for his old seat ? Was he de-selected and what about all the other Tories mentioned in the article ?

Nice whitewash attempt.