Is Sarah Palin really that thick that she believes Sarkozy has a Canadian accent ?

So Sarah Palin has been duped in to taking a call she believed to be from French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Why should we be surprised. It wouldn't surprise me if she'd take a call from Mickey Mouse too.

The most astonishing thing though was the fact that the person making the call had a clear American/Canadian twang to his voice, hardly something you would expect from a French president.


John said...

She's really like a right-wing housewife who never leaves her small home town and is not even curious about anything outside it.

Tom Paine said...

If you moved in more cosmopolitan circles, you might realise that ESL learners are usually taught American English these days, both as to pronunciation and vocabulary. Anyone speaking English as their second language is quite likely to have a North American accent. For that matter, I had a Polish colleague once who studied in the Netherlands and spoke English with a delightful Dutch accent. Presumably you would find that suspicious in itself?

We get it. You don't like Governor Palin. I am sure you have your reasons, but at least when you are sniping at her hold the rifle by the right end.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But French people don't speak with an American axxent, that's my point. As someone with only rudimentary French, I can discern a French accent from an Canadian French accent. Likewise I can tell the difference from someone who is French, speaking English and someone with a North American accent speaking with an "Allo Allo" French accent.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh, and to the anonymous troll who keeps sending personal abuse. It take a lot less time for me to delete your comments than it does for you to write them.

The Raven said...

I'm no fan of Palin myself, but the guy clearly does a French accent. Not a very good one, but it's very much there.

She should have known because the scenario was ridiculous, but the idea that she should know from the accent alone is plain daft.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But the point is he says some words like "zis" then some words with a North American accent.