Fifth most visited Lib Dem blog

With thanks to Liberal England, I find that according to Alexa my blog is the fifth most visited Lib Dem blog or website.

Not bad for someone whose posts rarely appear on Lib Dem blogs aggregated due to on-going problems with the RSS feed.


Malcolm Redfellow said...

As your loyal visitors (of all political complexions, I trust) appreciate, it's not merely the numbers of visits, but their quality.

Yesterday I had a small brush with Mr Paul Staines (he of "Guido Fawkes"). Shortly before declaring (for the second time in our very brief acquaintance) me an obscene term from female anatomy, he confessed: "half of them [his commenters] are mad window lickers".

"How unlike the homelife of our own dear Queen." Now, to whom could that possibly refer?

Mark Pack said...

Sorry to say, but having access to the web stats for several of the sites - those Alexa figures are a complete mess. There is only a smidgen of similarity between the actual figures and Alexas's ones.

(Several of the site figures I've got access to aren't public, so apologies for not giving more detail.)