David Norris - Pig ignorant ?

If you want to send a private message to a friends who drink drives and kills two children do you ;

a) Write him a letter.
b) Visit him in person.
c) Make a gesture in front of SKY Sports and ITV cameras, in front of the press and in front of several thousand fans.

Apparently David Norris thinks the answer is (c).

Most people, even some of those Ipswich fans offering some really poor excuses on his behalf on local TV in this area would surely disagree with him.


Anonymous said...

Norwich fan has pop at Ipswich....tedious local point-scoring - of no interest to anyone outside yokeshire. Give it a rest !

Norfolk Blogger said...

That's why it has been on the national news, across the front page of national newspapers, in fact, it has been the lead news story across the whole country.

Oh, but you wouldn't notice that because you are an anonymous troll. No wonder you didn't put your name, you were worried that people would notice how thick you were that you didn't know this was national news.