Why do the football authorities only act tough with the British ?

Rangers and Celtic have been threatened with serious sanctions by football governing bodies for sectarian chants. English teams were banned from Europe for hooliganism whilst the English FA have been fined for their fans behaving badly when subjected to police intimidation (work that out !). Yet when the Croatian FA are found guilty for a third time for the overt racism of their fans, they are fined just £15,000, which in football terms is a meaningless slap on the wrist.

Rio Ferdinand is absolutely right when he pointed out today that FIFA is not actually prepared to do anything about racism. It talks the talk but always fails to walk the walk, unless, that is, it is dealing with British football.

It seems if you are FIFA or UEFA, it is much easier to attack the British and let other act with impunity.

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Dave said...

Go on blame Sarah Palin cos you know you want to.