Decisive win for Obama in second debate

It seems clear that by a 54% to 30% margin Barack Obama has won the second debate.

With McCain's own team stating publicly that the more they talk about the economy, the more likely McCain is to lose, they will be devastated that 45 minutes (half) of the time was spent on the economy alone, but I guess that shows how serious an issue it is at the moment.


Letters From A Tory said...

McCain has run out of ideas and is resorting to dirty tactics out of sheer desperation.

John said...

Pat Buchanan agreed that he had won - and noted that the McCain entourage left straight after the debate while C-SPAN showed the Obama camp mixing with the crowd for 20 minutes afterwards.

I think the `that one` phrase, healthcare as a right and the Iraq put-downs for John McCain will seal the deal on states going from leaning Obama to Solid Obama.

Bill Quango MP said...

I watched it all...
McCain said to every question "my friends..blah blah"
He was like a gameshow host.I kept waiting for him to go the whole hog and do the "...and I mean that most sincerely, folks." Hughie Green impression.."Mr Senator..you have won a digital clock radio and teasmade"

Obama, a little unsure, a little inexperienced and a little uncertain.
But, much like Blair, he was very comfortable in his role and sure of own abilities as anyone with great self confidence is.

Amazingly, listening to the Texans on 5, Obama did nothing right and McCains handshake to the petty officer was inspired and genuine and important.
I have no idea why.
He spoke about not appointing an inexperienced person to high office.. how Mr O didn't respond with "like Palin yuh'mean" is a tribute to his sense of statesmanship.

Anyway Mr old guy needs to take every single undecided state to win and the chances of that are about as likely as Gordon beating Cameron in every marginal seat.
near zero..