What's wrong with tradition ? The new Postman Pat is lecturing and patronising

Postman Pat (and his black and white Cat) have been updated. He no longer drives his van, he has to have a fruit smoothie before he starts his work, he has to deliver wind turbines (very "Right On"), he has a Blackberry, he flies a helicopter (like all postmen do) and as usual with so many new series or updated versions of old shows, the opening music seems to go on for 2 minutes in order to make the actual show that much shorter cheaper to produce (just watch Thomas the tank engine as an example of this).

The episode I watched today with my son (he is only one) was actually rather patronising in its tone and nothing like the original. It lectured about wind power, wasting electricity, litter and probably a good number of other things that passed me by.

What was wrong with him driving his van around remote countryside helping people with real life everyday problems ?


Elusive Pimpernel said...

Did the show feature a queue of people complaining about lost parcels and late deliveries?

Was Pat worrying about the closure of his post office?

Just wandering.

James Higham said...

The revisionists were at it again.

James said...

Couldn't you get hold of the original series of Postman Pats. Our kids would watch each one repeatedly.
I quite agree with you, they try and update a perfectly good format and they end up being crap.

The Secret Person said...

Seriously? If I was to write a spoof of what Postman Pat would be like if the PC types got hold of it I wouldn't have gone that far!

But I'm not sure helicopters are very environmentally friendly. Why doesn't he ride a bike. Made of recycled guns.