Turning hate preachers in to martyrs - Another Labour mistake

Dozens of so called "hate preachers" have been banned from entering the UK in recent years. We didn't know about it, but they were silently refused entry, they were not given any oxygen of publicity, and they were told in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome.

Now, the government claim that they are getting tougher on these preachers because they will now be named and shamed. Is this any tougher than their old policy ? No, obviously not because this will make us no safer than we were before. What it will do, however, is raise their kudos. They will be able to claim they are so radical they were banned by the UK, they will be able to reference websites where it says they were banned, it will give them massive publicity and raise their stock and it will allow them to claim they are martyrs.

Yes, well done Jacqui Smith, another daft idea from Labour. Another policy that sounds tough but makes no sense.

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StuartR said...

Another example of how this government will disadvantage the country as a whole, in order to gain for itself some political advantage.

This will provide the islamic fundamentalists texactly the sort of PR coup that they can use to recruit even more disaffected young men to their murderous cause.