Three questions for Gideon Osborne ?

1) If you made a mistake, are you now admitting that you did do something wrong ?

2) If you were not fundraising for the Tories, why are you resigning from your role as a Tory fundraiser now ?

3) Why call yourself George when your real name is Gideon ?


The Secret Person said...

Would you call yourself Gideon?

Still it is entirely irrelevent to his politics, sounds like playing the Toff card.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Be proud of who you are and where you come from.

I can't imagine a George wanting to be known as Gideon, so why vice vera ?

Jeff said...

Pretty easy...

(1) Admitting doing something wrong is inherent in admitting you made a mistake.

(2) To avoid the appearance of wrongdoing, regardless of what went before.

(3) Because Gideon makes one sound rather posh, particularly if that photo of the Bullingdon Club was always going to do the rounds.

Daily Referendum said...

Jesus this is thin Nich.

1. He admitted to keeping the wrong company in the wrong situation - not breaking any laws or rules.

2. He does not spend every waking minute fundraising.

3. Gideon George Oliver Osborne has called himself George since he was thirteen, because Gideon is a bloody stupid name.

Alan said...

Lots of sound & fury about Gorgeous George (Conservative, broke no rules)

I look forward to proportionately more noise about Mark Hunter MP (LibDem, found guilty of misusing funds)...

...or will it all go suddenly silent again

Norfolk Blogger said...

Dare we mention the Wintertons or Derek Conway ?

J said...

Why does the Prime Minister not call himself James?

Why does the MP for Leicester, East not call himself Nigel?