And we thought that dinosaurs were extinct

Norman Tebbit has raised his always unpleasant head once again to bang on about, what I would describe, his xenophobia toward the EU.

You do have to ask yourself why it is that some Tories would rather be in in opposition talking about Europe than in power talking about this country.

Every political analyst knows that talk of Europe excites and divides Tory MPs, but moreover, it puts off voters who have shown since 1997 that when Tories talk about Europe, the electorate care less for the Conservative Party.

My advice to the Tories, ignore him.

Update : Yes, I am aware that this is Lib Dem policy he is backing, but I wrote this from the angle of "Why would the Tories want to get stuck debating Europe again". Clearly David Cameron has done well to stamp out the Europeean arguments from the Tory Party.


Anonymous said...

Yes, anyone who backs Lib Dem policy should be ignored!

Letters From A Tory said...

Europe does indeed divide the Conservatives - about 98% Eurosceptics vs 2% Europhiles.

wit and wisdom said...

No no! The Tories should have a serious public debate about Europe, perhaps lasting 15 years or so!