Palling around with dictators

As has been the case throughout the US presidential campaign, Republican tactics appear to have back fired. After accusations against Barack Obama from the Republicans, it now appears that John McCain has been found out for palling around with Dictators (General Pinochet).

As Justin Webb's blog points out, this may not be a big vote swinger but it again puts the Republicans on the back foot having to rebut accusations rather than leading the attack.


Anonymous said...

Sad that it has to come to this. But what the BBC does not mention is that McCain was a lead member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee at the time.

Paul said...

Nich, the election is over. I can't conceive of any circumstance in which Obama will not be the next president.

Norfolk Blogger said...

It the BBC reporting another story NOT the BBC repotting on John McCain. Don't let your anti BBC bias blinker you to the facts of what the BBC was actually saying.

Anonymous said...

Calm down dear!

One would hope any news org, be it the Beeb or Sky, would gives us the full facts rather than repeat second hand stories.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But it was Justin Webb's blog not a news story.