Another reason why over 75s should face compulsory driving tests

It has always amazed me that over 75s are assumed to be okay to driver a lethal weapon without any form of compulsory retest. Anyone requiring further evidence of the inadequacies of the present system for monitoring old drivers should read THIS STORY.

Whilst young drivers are supposedly more likely to have accidents (based on miles driven), older drivers are far more likely to have accidents based on journeys made. Far too many times in my life I have seen old drivers weaving along a road, doing 20mph in 50 mph zones or driving straight through traffic lights or pulling out at roundabouts without any awareness of other drivers. yes, other drivers do this, but the proportion of alder drivers who do this is much higher.

I am not suggesting all people over the age of 75 are not fit to drive, far from it, but there are many who are not.

How many people have to die before the government, any government will take serious action to ensure that over 75's are fit and competent drivers.


John said...

These people have the right to a free bus pass now so for many elderly there is some alternative transport.

Having said that .....a total of 268 free bus passes have been issued to the over 60s in Scilly in line with the 2007 Concessionary Bus Pass Act....but they cannot use them..because there are no buses on the Isles of Scilly. It's a mad world.

The Raven said...

A fair point, and one I have a lot of sympathy with.

There is a very elderly lady in a village near me who is known for driving herself everywhere, despite not being in a state to do so. She has terrible eyesight, and had a stroke a couple of years ago, limiting the use of her arms. She drives at around 20mph everywhere, and often misses crossroads and junctions. She recently hit into another car, damaging it seriously, because she didn't see a stop sign. The most annoying thing about all this is that people have written letters to the police time and time again, but they have refused to take action because they have never caught her doing anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

"a wheelchair is now in regular use"

Just hope by the time she reaches 75 there are fucking tests for drivers of these machines too

Hamish said...

Not yet 75 myself but agree there should be retests.
Also for bloggers who don't know the difference between mpg and mph, can't spell 'older', and weave between 'fit' and 'fir'.

Norfolk Blogger said...

ooh, somone has got their knickers in a twist.

James Higham said...

Most wake up and give it away.