No "Views from the River End" Today thanks to Norwich's roads

Some of you will know that I have another blog which covers issues relating to Norwich City Football Club. Unfortunately, there will be little in the way of views for me today thanks to Norwich's truly awful road network.

Today, on my journey in to Norwich (only 7 miles to the car park than a one mile walk), the roads were gridlocked all around the northern part of the inner ring road meaning I moved about 80 yards in 40 minutes in one road and about 30 yards in 20 minutes on another road. The dawning realisation that it was likely to turn what should have been a journey of no longer than 20 minutes in to a 90 minute journey led me to do a u-turn and get out of Norwich and home (which actually took just 12 minutes).

If anyone has ever been to Norwich you will know what truly awful roads we have. They are designed to encourage road rage, constantly switching from two lanes to one lane, placing bus stops so as to stop traffic flow whilst the traffic light seems constantly to be breaking down.

Whilst the junctions I came to today that were snarled up did have working traffic lights, what was desperately needed was a policeman to direct traffic, stop people driving in to and stopping in yellow boxed areas (which is illegal anyway) , and use a human mind to sort out the problems that traffic lights cannot detect. Sadly, at each junction there was no policeman to be seen.

Then what do you think I saw pulled up by the side of the road on my way home ? I didn't see a speed gun in the police officer's hand, but it did make me wonder what the police were doing parked up in the countryside when Norwich was so snarled up.


James said...

Haven't your Council heard of Park and Ride?
I thought you were a diehard football fan who would be willing to overcome ANY obstacle just to watch a game.
And then you let a few cars stop you. :-)

Norfolk Blogger said...

And pray tell me, how to buses get through a gridlocked road system ? I didn't see any flying buses BUT I did see plenty stuck in traffic.

James said...

Bus Lanes... that's how they do it in our town..but we don't have a football club...the buses have no problem getting through...but the other traffic does tend to snarl up.

John said...

Is this the game for which there are now allegations of match fixing?
Something to do with irregular betting in Asia. Two local MPs have asked for enquiry???????????