However unpleasant the subject, Chris Huhne is right

When I read the headline that a Lib Dem MP is backing the rights of a holocaust denier not to be arrested and extradited from the UK to Germany, I was somewhat concerned. But when I read the full details, it is clear Chris Huhne is right.

It is a fact that holocaust denial is not a crime in this country so it cannot be right to to arrest someone in this country for doing something that is not illegal. Imagine if a country made it a criminal offence to be Buddhist. Would we arrest all Buddhists and extradite them to the country that made them illegal ? The craziness of the situation is brought home when you realise that Poland is seeking to extradite Polish citizens from Belgium using European laws because these Poles have had abortions in Belgium, something that is perfectly legal over there, but illegal in Poland.

There is no denying that the words of Dr Gerald Toben are deeply offensive, shows shocking lack of knowledge and highlight him to be truly repugnant and worthy of everyones' contempt. But as an Australian citizen legally expressing his right to free speech, it is not something he should be arrested for.


Crushed said...

I would agree.
I think the holocaust denial laws cause more harm than good.

They give cdredence to neo-nazi claims thee is someting to hide.

If these subjects were debated openly and properly, then the arguments of the holocause deniers just wouldn't stand up.

As it stands, they are able to claim that their opponents can' answer them so they have to be silenced.

Anonymous said...

I guess free speech stops here at denying the holocaust in WWII Germany. However, freedom of speech to lie that causes the killing of hundreds of thousands around the world is quite alright amongst democratic nations. — While I understand the point, it is not just nor logical.

We are seeing signs of the world waking up to the hypocrisy and as is mentioned in the teachings of Muslims, the Christian-Islamo alliance that will fight injustices around the world. 5pillar.wordpress.com

Norfolk Blogger said...

What is not logical ? Do you know that in Turkey it is an offence to claim that Amenias were massacred ? What happens if turkey joins the EU ? Any EU citizens could be sent to Turkey and go to court. What about those EU countries where it is an offence to criticise judges or to mock the Pope. Do you want to be extradited from your country to Italy because of something you wrote on your blog because that is the logical conclusion if we are to send people to various countrise around Europe for things that are illegal in their countries but perfectly legal here.