My annual Halloween moan

I will not recycle all my arguments (you can read them HERE) as to why I , like millions of people across the country loathe Halloween, a tradition, it seems, like no other, which means you HAVE to be bothered in your own house by people FORCING something on to you that you want absolutely no part of. To my mind a deeply illiberal concept.

I was reminded of how utterly awful it is for millions of people this morning as my father explained that he was getting ready for tomorrow to clean all the egg of the front of their house, an annual tradition that those who encourage their children to knock on doors must be very proud of once those little cherubs become teenagers.


Anonymous said...

"To my mind a deeply illiberal concept".

So banning Halloween would be liberal?

You don't have to take part, no one forces you. You don't have to answer the door. And if someone throws an egg at your property, they are already breaking existing laws.

Norfolk Blogger said...

When have the police ever been interested in such crimes.

Who mentioned banning ?

You utter moron. typical anonymous troll.

As for not answering my door, why do these people not observe the fact that people have signs up asking them not to knock ?