Coldplay have that effect on me too

I think if I was forced to go to a Coldpay concert I too would want to set myself alight, anything to drown out the monotonous drivel that emanates from the band.
Formulaic crap would be the nicest way of describing the lift music they release.
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Starls said...

Once upon a time it was 'cool' to like Coldplay.

Now it seems it's 'cool' to not like them.

Like Daily Mail readers complaining about comedians they never listen to.....

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh come of it, you can hardly turn the radio on without hearing that absolute shite "Viva la Vida" whilst their latest song, what an absolute pice of dirge it is. I heard it on Chris Evans show the other night at the gym and quite frankly farting was a more pleasant sound.

Starls said...

That's my point.

You're opininon of Coldplay, on the basis of hearing 2 songs and not listening to their full work is as valid as all those Daily Mail readers that complain about Russell Brand and JR, without listening to their shows - uninformed!

I'm not saying you should love them (I however, happen to think their latest album offers an interesting, if subtle, change in direction, and definately an improvement on their last - but there are some far better, lesser known British acts that deserve similar success), I just don't think you're opinion is particularly informed.

But then, I'm a self confessed music snob - so I would say that ;-)

Norfolk Blogger said...

But my opinion is based on their singles (usually a sign of a groups better album tracks) since their first album. Since Yellow, and the single following that, their singles have been self indulgant crap.

I will fix you surely deserves an award for sanctimonious crap parading itself as "popular music".

The fact is my opinion of Coldplay is based on hearing more than two songs, but I don't intend to go out and buy their album in order to justify that I don't like them. Too many people who don't like music buy their albums anyway so they can beleive they are still hip and trendy, not realising that Colplay are as hip as Boris Johnson.

StuartR said...

For evidence of Coldplay's and more particulrly Chris Martin's self-indulgence you couldn't better the interview on BBC Radio 4's Front Row.

When confronted by some soft-cushion comfortable questions from that well known hard-man of interviews Mark Lawson, Martin left the studio in the middle leaving his Coldplay colleague to try and continue the interview.

Well worth a listen if you can track it down on web.

Personally we have the first two Coldplay CDs at home and I have heard them both on many occasions, an I completely agree with your comments Nich.First CD was OK, second was fast heading down the self indlugent route, so we finished buying them at that point.

I'll stick to my Metal / Rock collection and leave recent Coldplay to those who are fed up with life.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go Nich