Why are the Tories so politically blinded by Sarah Palin ?

I am astonished by the way that the Tories, and by that I mean British Conservatives, who have become so gushing in their love of Sarah Palin seemingly because she is

a) A "Conservative", forgetting that American conservatives hold some very weird policy positions and are rather "bible bashing".

b) She has proved the doubting US press wrong on a few issues.

Iain Dale sums up this "love in" today where he gets very excited about Sarah Palin because she had one good speech.

What the Conservatives ought to consider is her overall record.

They forget that she is a member of a church that is avowedly anti gay, she supports guns (she obviously does not think that greater gun ownership helps lead to regular school massacres), she flip flops on issues regularly, she cuts funding for groups that support single mothers because her religious views tell her that single mothers must get married, and with claims she is also a supporter of "creationism", you have to ask yourself, if you are a Tory, if she were not McCain's choice, if she was not a Republican candidate, would you really support her ?

From my point of view, she is more of a risk to world security than Iran or North Korea. Would you really want her hand on the nuclear button ?


Iain Dale said...

Your last sentence is so ridiculous that it undermines totally what you say in the rest of the post. Have you completely lost it? :)

jaymason said...

The next Mrs Thatch, God bless the Leaderene

Norfolk Blogger said...

Religious zealots, people who believe that god is on their side, people who believe that their actions are done with Gods support are ALWAYS to be feared because thye ignore coomon sense, history and the facts.

With McCain's age, the choice of Vice President for the Republicans is a more important decision than ever before. Do you really want a gay hating, gun shooting, flipp flopping creationist in that position ?

Iain Dale said...

Would you like to provide proof as to her 'gay hating' and 'creationist' views?

I've yet to see any.

And so what if she hunts? I used to. Not foxes. I used to go on pheasant shoots. I don't anymore but should that disqualify me from standing for election?

ThunderDragon said...

I agree with you, Nich. Had I a vote, McCain and Palin certainly wouldn't be getting it.

Man in a Shed said...

The thing is Sarah Palin represents the views of a very large number of Americans. They have a democracy, and by some failure of the liberal media establishment it looks like they will get a real choice at the election.

Your comments on her church sit oddly compare to Obama's church !! The support of sexual relations with a heterosexual marriage has been the universal position of the Church from when it started to just about 10 years ago. So I would hardly call those views extreme.

What really excites people is some one saying what the believe and then backing it up with their actions. Maybe she has a skeleton of two in her closet - who knows - but its the conviction people like.

Frankly its all to missing in our politics of focus groups, pollsters and triangulation ( of which all three parties are now guilty ).

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, the stuff about her church and its "Pray to stop being gay" suff is in a link in a comment on your own site.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh, and Iain, there is a difference between shooting and advoctating that children should be allowed to have guns, which is wha tthe NRA supports.

Letters From A Tory said...

The BBC interviewed one of McCain's advisers a few days ago, who confirmed she was a creationist. The thought of a creationist being President of the USA is genuinely frightening.

Man in a Shed said...

"Pray to stop being gay" - if you go along with the the first almost two thousand years of the church's history then this is not only rational but compassionate.

( The opposite from a Christian point of view is to ignore people and leave them to the judgement your beliefs tell you they will recieve. )

Now you probably don't share those beliefs but they are rational and compasionate. ( Unlike throw him of the top of the mountain as proposed by certain other groups.)

Its a complex subject, with lots of venerable people taking different views. Some suggest "post gay" is a possibility, other that is damaging. Frankly this debate isn't 'over'.

Quite honestly Obama's religious beliefs should cause much stronger alarm. But then this isn't a rational process is it ? You saw a star, realised the support she was going to get, it scared you and you started to think of reasons to despise her ...

Anonymous said...

I really find your posts to be so petty, silly and Iain Dale-obsessed these days. Really sad as I used to enjoy your blog )-:

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, argue on the points, not on silly jibes.

Two leading Tory bloggers have added comments that they agree with me, even if Iain does not.

If it is petty to raise someone's homophobia, creationist views and their political record, then I plead guilty.

Anonymous said...

Justin - it appears Nick has linked to Iain 12 times in 6 months. Hardly prolific.

Is it really you or personation ???

Man in a Shed said...

I guess we are caught up in the definition of homophobia.

I see nothing in Sarah Palin's views that suggest this. Bear in mind if you believe God doesn't exist then praying for someone does nothing.

Other religions, eg the one Obama went to madrassa to learn about, take a more active man lead set of actions which do give cause for concern.

Most of the people who should strike fear into mens souls are the Godless who fear no judgement - eg Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, Nick Clegg etc etc..

OK the Nick Clegg Jibe was unfair, but it also makes to point about lazy generalisations.

If I was to make a criticism of the choice of Sarah Palin it would be that is appears to show a rash side to John McCain's character, which could cause concern in a man who wishes to be commander in chief of the greatest military power the world has ever seen.