Constantly blaming Gordon Brown in the face of what is happening in the world is making the Tories look ridiculous

Of course we all understand why the Tories want to link the current economic woes to Labour with constant references to "debt fuelled growth", but given all the world news, given the fact that this is a world wide economic credit crunch, isn't it just plainly ridiculous to blame it all on Labour ?


ThunderDragon said...

He took credit for the boom, so it's only fair to blame him for the bust.

BSH said...

In Short: No

In Long: No, because the government is supposed to have pennies to help the economy when it goes belly up.

And I'm a Scottish Nats supporter! Strange I would agree with the Tories on anything!

James said...

I don't believe the Tories are blaming GB for ALL the woes.
Labour are partially responsibly for what is happening in this country.

Speaking as one of those ODD people (your description)who have little interest in football, I was wondering as you're sooooooooo passionate about NC, given that they are losing money hand over fist, are YOU going to invest money in them?

Anonymous said...

A tory replies!!!


Norfolk Blogger said...


In many ways I do. I have a season ticket, I buy club merchandise and have been a loyal season ticket holder through good times and bad.