The benchmark about what sort of society we want to be

The right of those who serve for, fight for and are prepared to die for our country to stay in the country they have served should be a basic right. Sadly in the UK it isn't and in much the same way as the military covenant is being broken for UK troops, the failure of UK law to allow Gurkhas to stay in the UK to reside here after they leave the army is a sign of the society we have.

Whatever does it say about the UK that we treat the Gurkhas like mercenaries only to discard them when they are no longer able to put their necks on the line for us.

So it is great news that the courts today agreed to look again at the laws about Gurkhas' and their right to remain in the UK after they have left the armed forces.I think that virtually everyone of all political persuasions would agree with me in this.

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