Why do companies insist on ignoring East Anglia ?

I have just been completing an questionnaire on YouGov which asked me wher I lived. I scrolled down the list several times assuming I had missed reading East Anglia. However, I was wrong. According to YouGov, East Anglia does not exist, instead presumably I was supposed to click on "South East" (which I assume to be Essex, Kent, East Sussex, etc) or even the East Midlands.

Why do people assume the missing out East Anglia is okay. Would they miss out Scotland or London from a list like this ? Of course not.

The BBC are just as bad. In their programme "The Great British Menu" a few months ago they insisted on making chefs from Norfolk compete in the "Central" region against chefs from Staffordshire. Now explain that one to me !


Heather Yaxley said...

I live outside Salisbury and never know whether it counts as the South-East or South-West as it would be on the edge of either region.

Television local areas are ridiculous - here we get news from Kent and Oxford.

I'm a native of Norfolk back when television progs were even made in Norwich.

asquith said...

You should try living in Stoke. 3 months and you'll be longing for the days being "ignored" in Norfolk.

I myself am moving to Shropshire when I win the lottery :)