What an utterly pointless statement

So Boris Johnson has said that he wants to deliver the 2012 Olympics under budget. Whatever next, an announcement that Boris Johnson is against murders or that Boris Johnson opposes war ?

No politicians in the world ever wants to deliver a project "over budget", so why make the statement ?

Utterly pointless.


Jock Coats said...

Of course, this "budget" does not take into account that many people needing to invest in capital construction projects over the next four years are being advised to budget for significant cost increases because both people-power and materials are being sucked into Stratford in such quantities that most other building projects in the country cannot get enough workers and materials. This will cost the country *many billions more* and at a time when capital investment is a very fragile precious thing.

ThunderDragon said...

Pointless? It got him s favourable news story, didn't it?

And with the current Olympic fever, the press expect such comments.

Anonymous said...

Shame Boris does not keep his other pledges.....

He pledged in public to support Hotel workers getting the London Minimum Wage of £7.40

now he says they can forget that pledge

What do you expect from a royal and a millionaire

so we should not believe his other statements

J said...

Because if he didn't, anti-Tories would blog "Boris doesn't care about spending our money"?

Unknown said...

I notice that Borat has not condemned murder today so I'll post something along the lines that he does not care about murder.

What a load of old tosh !