My daily Olympics rant

Is it any wonder that the Chinese are winning so many medals considering the judging in some events seems very heavily biased in their favour.

Watching an Irish boxer earlier in the day showed just how biased these so called "unbiased" officials are. The Irishman was, according to the judges, not able to land a single scoring punch in the whole fight. Despite this, the replays clearly showed the Irishman landing a number of scoring punches. Seemingly the Chinese boxer only had to fart in order to score.

Then later on in the Bronze medal fight in the Taekwondo, the young British athlete was beaten by a Chinese opponent after the judges seemed unable to award the British competitor more than one hit in a contest which consistently showed the Briton making what should have been scoring hits.

The Irish have already complained bitterly about biased judging in previous fights involving the Chinese and there have been other examples in the gymnastics where Chinese errors have been ignored whilst other competitors are marked down for anything.

No doubt having 1.3 billion people to choose from gives you an advantage as does having a home crowd, but some of the judging and umpiring has been abysmally poor and shows a clear and obvious bias towards the Chinese. Jacques Rogge should be doing something about this rather than moaning about Usain Bolt.

Update : And in the Taekwondo today the judges had to be shamed be video and photographic evidence in to reversing the result of a Chinese victory over a British competitor. How the four judges missed the head kick was a mystery.

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