There's a major problem at Ebay and Paypal about linking accounts but they've got their heads in the sands and are trying to ignore it

I wrote earlier about the problems with Ebay. It appears I am not alone and that this problem has been ongoing for about two weeks, but Ebay it appears have put their heads in the sand and are hoping it will go away.

There are issues however with the ethics of what Ebay is doing.

Technically, they are locking tens of thousands of people out of making purchases, but worse, tens of thousands of people are listing items for sale but a large chunck of their market is excluded from bidding. in effect, Ebay prices are being deflated because there are less bidders around who can actually bid for the items.

How do I know this, just look on Ebay's own forums. The number of people who are writing to complain about these problems are numerous, but seemingly nobody at Ebay cares.

How about Ebay

1) Putting an alert on everyone's "My Ebay" page telling them that this fault exists.
2) Telling all Ebay customers what they are doing about it
3) Refunding people part of their sellers fees as people are not getting the true value of their goods.
4) Having another "Half Price Listings Day" (which Ebay have today), so that those who are currently excluded from Ebay through no fault of their own can take part in this "Sale".

Otherwise, this seems like Ebay are simply scamming customers and nobody there seems to give a damn.

Update : Ebay are assuring people that there is no problem and that it has been sorted but there are several hundred messages on Ebay's own Forums HERE with people asking the same question as to why this problme is occurring.

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