Bloody Useless Ebay

I am sick to death of Ebay at the moment.

If I go to purchase anything using PayPal, Ebay's own credit system, Ebay tells me that I have no PayPal account (I've had one for many, many years). So then I "link" my accounts, as it asks, and it then still refuses to admit I have a PayPal account, even though within Ebay's own settings I can see that it lists my PayPal account.

And to top it off, promises that it will be dealt with as soon as possible by Ebay have turned out to be utter rubbish.

Why on earth do companies have to start messing with things that are not broken until they actually break them ? I had no problem with Ebay for several years, and now this, completely out of the blue.

Update : Apparently, searching the web, it is a known bug that has occurred in the last few days except Ebay has not bothered to flag this up and tell customers. Absolute Shite. Perhaps they are trying to out do the Student Loans Company for bad service ?

And yes, I am having one of those days and just needed to have a rant !

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Bill Quango MP said...

Had the same problem yesterday.
Today ebay has just shut me out saying password unknown.

Sod them.. I'll go to Halfords