Russians breaking the Geneva Convention ?

I was always under the impression that parading prisoners in a degrading way, showing them of for the sake of humiliation or putting them before TV cameras was against the terms of the Geneva convention.

So why were the Russians parading Georgian soldiers ?


Tony Sharp said...

The simple answer is they do not care. What consequence will Russia face for doing this? A bit of hand-wringing by the EU? An empty threat by Europe not to buy Russian oil and gas? A couple of withdrawn invites from GB and NATO meetings?

Russia has the EU and the UN by the short and curlies. She can do pretty much whatever she pleases because the political will to deal with her does not exist. Europe says the cold war is over and must not return. So appeasement is the order of the day.

Gallimaufry said...

And will the Russian Government prosecute those responsible for infractions of the various Conventions and Protocols or hand them over to the other signatory authorities or permit the establishment of an international tribunal?