How can I use the death of 10 French soldiers to take a cheap shot at another political party ?

Of course, the truth is, I would not use the sad death of ten French peacekeeping soldiers to make a rather trivial party political attack on another party.

Sadly, Iain Dale takes a different stance on this.


Alasdair W said...

That is a truly desperate and appauling way to throw punches at another party. I think Ed Davey just has principle. Nato is a military alliance, it has been rediculous for France to be part of it but not in a military way. It didn't make sence. Davey was making a very good point. I'm really not convinced the families of the soldiers would actually be too shocked by the comment.

Anonymous said...

I agree. What puzzles me is that Iain (albeit from a Conservative perspective) can produce well thought out and argued articles, challenging yes, but at least intellectually robust.

Then other times he just resorts to abuse with non stories, like this story on Ed.