I don't care about the wording, I just wish Tesco and other supermarkets would enforce the rules

Tesco are apparently going to change their fast checkout till wordings so that the signs say "up to ten items" as opposed to "10 items or less" because the term "less" should really be replaced by "fewer" as it is an incorrect use of the word "less".

I personally don't care so long as supermarkets actually start enforcing the rules on this till properly.

I've been in Morrisons when a woman turned up with two baskets each with 10 items in and insisted she would pay for each one separately. whilst it is hardly rare to see someone at a till with much more than 10 items.

What is the point of any of the wording in any language if the stores ignore it anyway ?


Damon Lord said...

Is that 10 items inclusive total, or up to ten items, meaning a maximum of nine items? Some people might interpret it so, therefore a bit of small linguistic clarification from Tesco may be of use.

After all, every little helps....

Gallimaufry said...

Good point. In a commonsense world we all accept that ten items is a fuzzy quantity depending on the length of queue behind the shopper. It would be unreasonable to expect a shopper with eleven or twelve items to queue in the big weekly shop trolley queues. But what can a checkout operator do if a stroppy, feisty person puts down the contents of a couple of baskets expecting privileged service? If the checkout operator enforces the rule the customer may walk out and the stock will have to be put back on shelves and a sale is lost.
Is there any way that selfish gits can be taught to realise that other people are as valuable as them? Could electrified training collars be fitted to them?

Anonymous said...

I actually said to the guy on the till the last time that it happened that he should not have served the person and his response was that he hadn't noticed.

Antony said...

Don't get angry about this; get angry about the people who abuse parent parking spaces or use them when they have a 12yr old with them!