Am I the only person who finds the Oasis Cactus Kid adverts odd and slightly disturbing ?

A rhetorical question of course given that people on Youtube also seem to find the advert very strange indeed.

The fact that someone at Coca Cola (who own Oasis) thought "Hang on, a girl having sex with a cactus ? That sounds great. Oh, and lets make the cactus hate water !"

I have spoken to other people about this advert and everyone else seems to find the whole Oasis Cactus kid stuff really very, very odd.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Its like they are in some forbidden relationship which only small minded small town yanks hate... odd!

James Schneider said...

Its so nonsensical that it may be effective. I mean we're talking/thinking about it.

Quentinthecrisp said...

Odder still you can vote for a happy,sad or with a twist ending for the final instalment of this cactus kid advert at www.runcactuskidrun.com
This advert continues with the delivery of a baby cactus....don't think I fancy slapping this baby on the back to bring up wind...

Norfolk Blogger said...

James, I am not always of the opinion that all publicity is good publicity.

People talked a lot about Dasani (Coke's water product), and it hardly did that product good because what people were saying was not good.