Could this be the end of the SATs tests ?

ETS Europe, part of US firm ETS has finally had its contract to do school SATS tests administration and marking withdrawn.

The question ought to be though why the government failed to look in to the history of ETS in the US before awarding such a large contract to them.

ETS were the firm that failed 4,000 student teachers in America by marking an examination incorrectly. Yes, that meant 4,000 student teachers were told they did not qualify as teacher when in fact they did pass the test.

The other side effect of removing the contract from EDEXCEL, the previous UK contractor (part I believe of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) means that EDEXCEL no longer wants the SAT's contract and no other company wants to take the SATs on. If they did, they would also now charge considerably more than EDEXEL bid last time round (and remember ETS Europe were the cheapest bidders).

So now we are left with SATs, but no company to administer and mark them. Could this be the much welcomed end of te SATs tests ? Let's hope so.

In the meantime we are left again to ponder the absolutely stunning incompetence shown over this whole mess, not just from ETS, but also from the government for awarding them the contract in the first place.


Paul Pinfield said...

Could this be the end of the SATs tests ? - I hope so.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Would be great. There's been no noticeable decline in the quality of education in Wales since they saw the light a couple of years ago. Come on England, follow Cardiff's lead!