Cameron is a hypocrite

This story says it all.

What a publicity seeking arsehole the man is.


Tony said...

You know Nich that I could never be described as a Cameron flunkey. But how on earth is this hypocritical?

Cameron's private office confirmed he was taking this trip back in July and Cameron himself confirmed it during his monthly press conference.

Is it wrong to give the press the photos they wanted on the family break in the UK, then go away with dozens of friends, who deserve some privacy, to celebrate Lady Astor's birthday?

Unknown said...

Tony, He spun his Cornwall holiday as showing he was one of the people, sharing our pain, supporting the UK and rejecting the expensive extravagance of foreign holidays. That's what makes him a hypocrite now.

Antony said...

As opposed to Nick Clegg's attempts to show we shares our pain by switching from Waitrose to Sainsburys? No politican shares our pain and they shouldn't claim or attempt to do so.

Unknown said...

Antony, to equate th two is silly. If we are to follow the Clegg analogy and comapre it to Cameron, its like switching from Waitrose to Sainsuburys then being caught in Harrods !

I note you didn't defend Cameron. I know, its hard isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Tories - alive & well - they never let us down with their double standards!

Anonymous said...

^ Fine. I'll do it, because the charge of hypocrisy is so tenuous it's quite laughable.

First of all, David Cameron didn't claim the holiday in Cornwall was to "show solidarity with the British people", and no one from his office did either. If some journalists did, then it is because of their own ignorance and desperation to laud him. The fact he was going abroad was never a secret, as Antony comments, and was even included in newspaper reports about his Cornwall break.

If your point is that it is wrong for a politician to take a foreign holiday when many people are cutting back on such luxuries, then that is different, though equally misguided. It is one thing for a politician to understand the plight of the people he wants to serve, but to share in it is unnecessary.

There are many things you can have a go at Cameron for, but at least make sure the accusations stand up.