I've never really liked London much anyway

Was it Oscar Wilde who said words to the effect of "When you're tired of London, you're tired of life" ? Well I disagree. I tire of London very quickly whenever I go there. I can manage a weekend but much longer than that and I get fed up with sky high prices, poor service, people walking straight in to you and a general lack of manners found elsewhere in the country. Don't get me wrong. London is a great place with some amazing buildings and places to visit. It's just not a place I like to spend lots of time.

So to win over people like me over and millions of overseas tourists too, Visit London decided to put together a promotional video which features a piece of artwork showing child murderer Myra Hindley.

You really do have to ask, who in their right minds at Visit London thought that images of Myra Hindley would make people want to visit our capital city.

Perhaps coming from the country I am "missing the point" or perhaps I "don't appreciate art".

Update: Apparently it was Dr Johnson who said the quote (no, not Boris).


Jonathan said...

No, it was Dr Johnson.

Lord Asda said...

Art! Its all about shock.
Scrap arts funding. That's the shock they need