Another government lie about teachers pay

The Government has been forced to drop adverts which implied newly qualified teachers could earn £34,000 a year when it was pointed out by the relevant authorities that this figure is wrong.

The government believes that the best way to get people in to teaching is to tell them what they could earn after ten years and with added responsibility points rather than being honest about starting pay. It's like suggesting all MP's earn the same as the Prime Minister.

Of course the government are not averse to telling regular lies about teacher pay, they've done it already once this year and compounded their obsession with not telling the truth by failing to honour the pay agreement that said teachers pay would be reviewed if inflation reached 3%. When it did reach 3% last year they simply ignored this promise.

The truth is the problem with this government is not Gordon Brown. The problem is that it is addicted to telling lies.


jailhouselawyer said...

"It's like suggesting all MP's earn the same as the Prime Minister".

I thought they did once all their expenses are taken into account...

Bill Quango MP said...

Haven't the Government just been carrying on a campaign to stop airlines advertising flights for £1 ?

Bunch of hypocritical saps.