Why is the UK Government sending MDC activists back to Zimbabwe ?

I was only thinking yesterday that I ought to write something about the shameful history this government has of sending opposition activists who rightly fear for their lives back to Zimbabwe and the Zanu-PF death squads. Then, I read the West Brom blog and read that someone has done the leg work for me.

The way we treat people seeking asylum in the UK trying to escape from Mugabe is appalling and is a national disgrace. How can we be leaving MDC activists in this country unable to work, but unable to be granted asylum because our government does not know what to do.

Hopeless confusion is the best way to sum up everything this government does.


jaymason said...

Perhaps it's because they support democracy and we all know what Gordon thinks of elections!

Paul said...

This just about sums up this good for nothing government. If you or I knowingly send someone to their deaths, we would rightly be charged with manslaughter...

Why does this not apply to politically motivated actions?