Tories propose tax cuts but give no explanation of how this will be paid for

The argument thrown at David Cameron, quite correctly, is what would they do in government ?

Nobody seems to know, and even when Cameron proposes something it is more of a general idea than a real policy initiative. So when the Tories chose today to announce that under Tory plans 5p would be chopped from the price of a litre of petrol, we might be excused for being a bit cynical.

How will this £3bn pledge be paid for ? Just silence on this from the Tories.

Now given the bad publicity the Tories have had over the resignation of the deputy mayor of London, am I being cynical in thinking they've announced this all rather quickly in order to bury the bad news ?


Antony said...

From the duty levied on fuel when the price is low - hence a stabiliser.

Anyway, Isn't it funny how LibDem tax cuts are always fine (probably because they'll never implement them) but anybody else's are unfunded, wrong etc?

Come on Nich - are you having a bad day?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Lib Dem manifesto pledges are always independently audited. As someone who teaches politics, you should know this, or is this something you choose not to teach ?

Antony said...

The LibDems aren't on the course Nich; we only cover major parties!!!

Linda Jack said...

Re Anthony's point and Nich's response - yes and don't I know it! As a member of FPC who has argued for a number of policy positions they tend to fall at the costing it hurdle. If it can't be funded it ain't in our policy, that's it and all about it!


Norfolk Blogger said...

So there you have it. Tory Councilloor fails to teach whole curriculum at Norwich School.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

We now the Tories cant fund the taxes. I remember what they did before. Am I the only one?