Time for NICE to scupper plans for NHS patients to get the new dementia drug ?

The news today that a new wonder drug called Rember might be available by 2012 that may halt the progress of dementia is good news.

But am I the only person who thinks that the National Instutute for Health and Clinical Excellence (if ever there was an organisation with an acronym that was a acontradiction in terms, then NICE is surely it) will probably try and block its use by the NHS ?


Anonymous said...

NICE has no power over the NHS in Scotland, nor I think in Wales or Northern Ireland. Only England.

Gallimaufry said...

Only if the NHS continues to use the false health and social care split to cut budget costs in England. Alzheimers and dementia are excellent examples where there is no real difference because a person with dementia requires social care to remain healthy.