Does Nick Clegg read my blog ?

Last week I wrote THIS about how the Lib Dems urgently needed to shift resources to attack and win Labour seats. I also added that this should have been done much sooner.

I was assured by some people commenting to my story that I was apparently "behind the times" and "out of touch", and that this was already being done.

Then lo and behold, Nick Clegg today announces a shift of resources to attack and win Labour seats.

Some might say about time too, but it does make me wonder if he reads my blog.


Bill Quango MP said...

Naturally, you were right. i see a few diehards disagreed with you but.. whatever.

Clegg just wanted to confirm the scale of the Labour losses to be sure it was the right strategy.

You are right that he should have done it sooner. The message has to be take seats from Labour.
You probably need a good 'leftie' couple of policies, something for the public sector,maybe looking again at Sats testing? stick with your current post office half thought out plans, and get something powerful on the economy.
+ threatening a windfall tax on energy companies would be popular if impractical.

On NHS maybe some book balancing by charging for sick notes or appointments or charging for all cosmetic surgery in order to have funds for new drugs.
the first won't bring in a fraction of whats needed for the second but its a good platform, new drugs is.

Toby Philpott said...

It makes me wonder what took them so long! The polls have been showing for a considerable period of time that Labour are vulnerable in their heartlands.

I wonder if the rumour that Scottish and Northern English Labour MPs are wearing brown (no pun intended) trouser suits these days is true?

Anonymous said...

Does Nick Clegg read your blog? ...YES...DEFINITELY... and Lembit Optik thinks that Gabriela Irimia is a good chess player.

Mark said...

Or alternatively you both read Liberal Democrat News given pretty much the same thing was said by Chris Rennard in a piece prior to your blog posting or Nick's film :-)

Tony Sharp said...

Clearly you should not underestimate your influence Nich :)

Put your thinking hat on and offer some more thought leadership and see if Cowley Street has another nibble.

Nick said...

of course i do!

Letters From A Tory said...

Steady on, it was only a matter of time before Cleggy realised that there is no point competing with the Conservatives at the next election.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Mark, I do not subscribe to Lib Dem News and was only sent a copy as part of a members mailing on Saturday.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Harry - I was trying to be slightly sarcastic. I'm not THAT vain.

Jim said...

Who is Nick Clegg ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sincere apologies NB... Clegg could do a lot worse that get some good ideas from your blog... as he often does... do a lot worse, that is!


Anonymous said...

Good "leftie" policies

Vince Cable's suggestion for increasing the stock of social housing following the fall in property prices looks promising.