A fitting tribute to George W Bush

I have to say that I cannot think of anything more fitting as a tribute to George W Bush than THESE plans to name a sewage treatment plant after him.

It begs the question, what could we name after Gordon Brown when he goes ?


jailhouselawyer said...


However, the link only produced a Error 404 message Not Found.

youdontknowme said...

Maybe a prison will be named after Gordon Brown?

Shades said...

A VD Ward.

Or even something really tivial, like a car park. (Damning with faint praise)

Letters From A Tory said...

I don't care what gets named after Brown, so long as it's nowhere near this country.

Bill Quango MP said...

Message from the future...

"The Gordon Brown Olympic expressway will be closed for resurfacing again. Delays expected for several years.."

Or he might have named after him..

* Brownbank ..An Eco town in Staffordshire

* Brownhole. An irregularity in financial accounts that requires FSA investigation.

* Brownbum. A species of arctic monkey.

* Brownco polyclinic,sponsored by Powergen and PWC {Leeds}. One of the first polyclinics. Also known as 'the Angina of the North'

*The Gordon Brown Turnstile. A ticket booth at Raith Rovers.

And then the dictionary.

Browner will mean ' To fall rapidly in people's esteem. To turn a friend into an enemy.
A Broonah will mean a deputy who should not be promoted. A capable but temperamental individual.

Medical term. MerkelBrown disorder.
To be convinced that you are Napoleon.
[see also under Heath]

Anonymous said...

Surely a toilet block on Clapham Common